Beth160201_9xs.jpgAn American born in Papua New Guinea in 1983, Beth Anna spent much of her childhood as a part of an indigenous people group in the highlands province. She travelled between her natal tropical highlands and California, following her parents who were educators and missionaries from Los Angeles. She decided to pursue higher education in San Diego, California and then obtained a Masters degree at La Sorbonne in Paris, France, where she lives and works since 2005.

Beth Anna's thirst for simplicity combined with an adventurous spirit have led her to deal with universal humanitarian subjects through her art, particularly those of language and social spheres. Her painting combines the materiality of the medium and a kitsch idealism particular to her style. Growing more and more multidisciplinary, Beth Anna also uses video and performance. Today, the main themes of her work are ecology, borders, the horizon, and cultural identity, incontournable development, according to her, in her personal and professional process.

If her capacities incessantly evolve, it is because she is conscious of the privilege to have grown up as a child in a culture radically different than her own and to currently live in a country she has chosen. The unusual sensitivity that she developed through living with a primitive people, then in the California of the 90's, and now in a European culture of political conflict have clearly irradiated her personality and developed her sense of diversity.

Beth Anna was a laureate for the ADEFC 2016 artist residency in China where two of her works are now a part of the permanent collection of the Tucheng International Art Center. She has worked at La Fabrique, Les Ateliers du 73, et Le Shakirail, where she is currently manager for 43 artistes in the Curry Vavart Studios. Beth Anna also collaborates with the Mayors in Paris for her Street Art projects.

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