Upcoming Exhibition "La Part des Anges"

6th of February 2016, 12:01 am
 Borrowed from the poetic expression used in enology to describe the portion of alcohol that evaportates during aging, "La part des anges" (a part for the angels) takes on a new meaning as an exhibition theme. The artists Beth Anna and David Meyer translate this idea in a collective exhibition presenting works that deal with the absent, the sublime, the transitory.

Beth Anna presents paintings, installation and performance that trace a horizon in which the human figure seeks incarnation. Borders and planes confining the pictorial space paradoxically open the borders of the frame to a place of freedom.

David Meyer, in the very process of drawing and it's intrinsic temporality, connects to a shape-shifting emergence and confines the song of the gesture in the pictorial space. The joy of seeing, resurgent, savage and anthropomorphic figures appear.

Exhibition by invitation from the BASSOTS
of works by BETH ANNA and DAVID MEYER
with special guests
with a performance by

Doors open 2pm to 7pm the 19th, 20th and 21st of February.
Intercom Antoine and Clotilde Bassot

Sales information: Jean Guillaume Panis


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